Our beautiful boy was born into our loving arms on saturday 23rd July 2011. I mean "our arms" because his whole family was there to watch the miracle of his birth. His daddy caught him, and passed him to me, as his sister and two older brothers watched with adoration and pride.

We had no way of knowing that his stay with us would be so brief, or that his impact on our lives would be so great.

He passed away at 1:30am on Friday 23rd September 2011, what we now know was as a result of Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia.

When his first cells were developing in utero, something had gone wrong, and the cancer cells multiplied at an aggressive rate.

We thank God for every moment we were blessed to have and hold him, and we continue to learn from the many lessons he came to teach us.

I miss you so much my baby boy. Not a day goes by that I dont long to hold you one more time.

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